Kevin Zabow

Holistic Kinesiologist, Mind Body Medicine, Spiral Practitioner and Disability Support

Dip Kinesiology, Dip Mind Body Medicine, Cert III Disability Services, Cert III Fitness,

Member of ATMS


Contact: 0401329267


Feeling stuck and unable to move forward either physically or mentally/emotionally, had enough and ready for change? Then this might be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

So how is Holistic Kinesiology different and what’s it all about?

The foundation is Kinesiology’s well known muscle-monitoring technique, but from there it expands beyond traditional Kinesiology. Holistic Kinesiology incorporates principles of Energetic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and key areas of Complementary Medicine including Transpersonal Counselling, Nutrition and diet, Acupressure, Brain function and primitive reflex integration which is crucial for learning, development, posture and movement.

Resolving physical pain and inflammation. How does it work?

Quite often people see a professional who helps to strengthen the muscles and increase flexibility, or someone who helps to realign the physical structure of the spine.

While at times this can be effective, in other cases the reason it may still be unresolved or remain susceptible to injury is because often the cause isn’t only physical e.g. mental stress can cause our muscles to tighten and our posture to change, while emotional trauma can be stored in certain areas of our body over long periods of time, making injury or other health problems more likely to occur in future.