Emotional Trigger Release

Emotional trigger release therapy is an advanced mind body clearing method, which helps to clear emotional triggers that hold us back and stop us from moving forward towards what we want that aligns with our purpose and values.It utilizes a combination of techniques from Holistic Kinesiology, The Emotion Code and Clear Your Shit.

The additional techniques from Holistic Kinesiology takes emotional clearing to a whole new level as we release several layers of the trigger, as well as quickly discovering limiting beliefs that anchor the emotional trigger and release them on a mind body level.

Emotional triggers generally come from the way we have processed our experiences and events as a young child, especially interactions with our parents and can subconsciously spend our lives trying to avoid that feeling/s while chasing the feeling that we wanted instead, which can become a self fulling fulling prophecy with our limiting beliefs about ourselves and environment, that influences our perceptions and reinforces these emotional loops.

Examples of an emotional trigger could be a particular person who triggers a feeling inside of us making it more difficult to interact with them, or we might feel or react in a way that we didn’t want to during the interaction, such as with a boss, a family member, a partner, colleague, your children, teacher, friend, a social event, or other experiences and events that bring up a feeling that is holding us back.

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