My discovery of Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine began after a severe shoulder injury fifteen years ago, during a period of high stress, disconnection from myself and very little inspiration or sense of purpose.

After a couple of years of trying to heal through both mainstream and alternative means unsuccessfully, I finally found Holistic Kinesiology and the results blew me away!

I was so convinced that I decided to study Holistic Kinesiology myself, at the Sydney College of Complementary Medicine and I could see how much it could help others who were also dealing with challenging times, to move through their own blocks to a healthy and full filling life and improve their sense of purpose and freedom, while always working in an open, caring and respectful manner.

I also discovered the Emotional Spiral Clearing system known as The Spiral, which specializes in advanced emotional clearing and resolving blocks caused by past trauma and conditioning, which can stop us from taking action and living in ways that represent our highest purpose and values.

Integration techniques are also used to form new pathways and develop new habits after old patterns have been cleared and resolved.

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