What is Mind Body Medicine ?

Mind Body Medicine is the study and research of how the mind effects the body and how the body effects the mind.

Many health approaches focus solely on the physical symptoms of illness or emotional/mental stress alone; however, Mind
Body Medicine explores the relationship between the mind and the body simultaneously.

Very often client problems stem from a common cause – by using Mind Body Medicine we can uncover hidden emotional drivers and encourage positive change.

Some obvious examples are when we feel particular emotions or are under stress, specific muscles tighten, our posture changes, and also causing our heart rate and breathing to speed up, blood pressure to rise, digestion to slow down, while specific chemicals are released and others are suppressed, effecting our brain integration, hormones, glands and movement etc.

Also our posture, physical trauma, diet, exercise and environment can effect how we feel, because again this can cause specific chemicals to be released and others suppressed.

So if we are constantly feeling stressed, our survival response constantly becomes activated, which can be very draining, as this is only meant to be used when our life is in immediate danger, and therefore causing long term stress while weakening our capacity for healing and growth.

This constant release of adrenaline has a cascade effect on our chemical and hormonal balance e.g. Cortisol, Estrogen, Testosterone and Progesterone, even before we begin to use stimulants and/or depressants like coffee, sugar, alcohol etc to cope with stress , fatigue and the demands of modern life.

Of course if we only work on the physical body and not the mental and emotional stress/trauma, we only see half of the picture and the same goes for working on the the mind without the body, as stress and trauma always affect both mind and body.

So having a solid understanding of associated connections between, trauma, limiting beliefs, emotions, hormones, glands, muscle tension, posture, neurological connections, movement, brain integration, diet, exercise, sleep and other environmental factors, combined with gentle muscle testing to locate the origin of specific stress to our overall system, the underlying cause of imbalances can be revealed. This enables us to distinguish which approach to use and when, depending on your individual needs.

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