The Spiral Clearing Process

​Created by Dane Tomas, The Spiral is an advanced emotional clearing tool for profound growth and change. It utilises the combined power of human behavioural models from the coaching/NLP world, the muscle-testing power of Kinesiology with TCM Meridians and Chakra system, to release emotional baggage that prevents us from moving forward and reaching our full potential.

The Spiral is a 7 stage program that moves through 22 key emotions common to the human experience. The process allows your strengths to shine and allows easier growth and movement in areas where we have been blocked or feel stuck at a certain point.

The actual framework itself is based on the 7 Chakras, the Spiral Dynamics framework and David Hawkin’s Scale of Consciousness. These 3 frameworks combined with the power of Kinesiology form together to produce what we now call The Spiral.

When doing The Spiral, you will be traversing 7 levels, approximately one level each week.

LEVEL 1  – DESERVING –    shame, guilt and dogma
LEVEL 2  – CREATIVITY –   fear, paralyzed will and grief
LEVEL 3  – POWER –           pride, anger and desire
LEVEL 4  – OPENNESS –     reason, acceptance, love
LEVEL 5  – EXPRESSION – anxiety, confidence, low self esteem              
LEVEL 6 –  VISION –            truth, trust and receptivity
LEVEL 7 –  PURPOSE –        peace, joy, enlightenment

At each level we will identify and release stress patterns and stored emotions which have been held as stress in the body. Then we plant the seeds for new, healthier expressions of the themes at each level, creating new pathways and reference points.

for more information on how the Spiral process works, feel free to contact Kevin on 0401329267.