I found Kevin to be very compassionate and understanding of where I was at. I came to see him for pain in my right hip,  but what also came up was unexpressed anger that I had been carrying since childhood and was able to be released gently with Kinesiology in a way that I could cope with. After a few sessions, I noticed a huge difference, not only in pain relief but also my ability to express  myself more freely, rather than letting things just bottle up and snapping at the wrong time, which effected my relationships.  I have also felt more energized and sleeping better than I have for a long time.


Purchasing Officer

Kevin is one of the most compassionate practitioners I know! He knows how to tap into your body to find out what it needs to restore balance on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level. He can prioritize the beliefs that are keeping you stuck in the old and unhelpful patterns and help your body to release what no longer serves you! Kevin is a very passionate and gifted practitioner!

Lisa Gumieniuk

Wellness Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Energy Healer 

I’m a therapist of sorts, and have worked with people and their issues for 8 years now. Before that I have worked in consulting for a decade and have been involved constantly in the personal development space since 1989. I use Kevin’s Spiral Clearing modality to support other modalities that I’m using on myself. It’s quick and helps remove the niggling energies that other modalities are just too cumbersome to be used to clean up. The results are quick and I need about 2 weeks between each session, so I can integrate all the corners that Spiral touches. I thoroughly recommend having Kevin help clean you up, as a support for whatever you’re trying to achieve in life.

Brad Dunn

Kevin was very professional and really listened to what was going on for me. I was over thinking everything and finding it virtually impossible to make important decisions which made me feel very anxious. We worked on releasing guilt and not feeling good enough, which I thought I had let go of previously, but was still holding onto. Not only do I feel more calm now, but also healthier and more positive as well.



1. I have been able to let go of blaming others or circumstances, for my problems.

2. As a result, I have been able to embrace more of own empowerment and self autonomy.

3. The biggest challenge I have overcome since my spiral sessions is the way that I throw my energy away on others.

4. I have rediscovered how much of a sensitive being I am, and that being sensitive is not a weakness, but it is something that needs to be understood.

5. My greatest surprise during the spiral sessions was how incredibly powerful the process is, in both physical and emotional ways. And less obvious, is the shift in the spiritual..

6. This has changed my future, knowing how I can clear issues that I have been stuck in, and have held me back from having the possibilities in life.

7. Since experiencing Spiral, I am better able to support my clients in their journey.

8. As I have greater power of my emotions and thoughts and attitudes I have been able to higher level interactions with family and friends. I can recognize when a certain feeling belongs to me, or not.

9. I loved how the Spiral process helped me to track moments in my life where certain loops and issues where highly prevalent and

10. Kevin’s patience in drilling down to those points and helping me to clear them, even when I felt I didn’t want to go there. He really held the space for me walked me through my resistance.

11. I can highly recommend going through the Spiral with Kevin to really be guided to getting into those deepissues that need clearing. I felt supported and comfortable in opening up with Kevin during the process. He is patient, understanding and kind. 

12. Speaking up for myself, expression, has improved. It flows much better, I don’t hold my breath.

13. Success, not wanting to over shadow people. Well, I’m still not sure about that. But I’m not stuck. (-:

14. Depression.. not being depressed when I visited Mum, first time ever. I was able to observe both my feelings and hers. I had a whole new perspective and could respond to the situation from a centred and grounded place. It changed everything!

15. The physical – temporarily reversed early-onset menopause symptoms.. !!!! Totally wow!!!!

I understand that by working on myself, I am clearing the relationships in my life. That is, its really clear that I don’t need to wish for others to change, I can do the changing (clearing) myself, and let it happen….

Fiona Dewis

Kinesiologist, MBM Practitioner and Hypnotherapist

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